Federal Employment by County

Federal Employment by County was produced through the Kentucky Regional Economic Analysis Project. This data originally comes from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Federal Employment by County dataset provides the total number of Federal Civilian and Military jobs as a percent of all jobs in each county in year 2011. Data in the first set is for counties in Kentucky only. The second data file is for Ohio Counties, select Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) and the United States. 

You can access the files by clicking the Excel links below. 

Data SeriesFrequencyDataLast UpdateNext Update
2011 Federal Employment by County (Kentucky counties only)  N/A Excel (.xlsm) 10/2013 N/A
2011 Federal Employment by County (Ohio counties, MSA's, US) N/A Excel (.xlsm) 10/2013 N/A
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